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Student Reviews

We always feel appreciated to all our happy students from worldwide gave us the comments and reviews to keep us motivating!

We are happy to see you enjoy and interest in SKATEBOARDING!!



Reviews & comments from our Facebook 
I have a great time having lesson with Kenneth, he true heartily teach me and my wife!
I found Kenneth through Facebook and Kim has been coaching Mick (12) for the past 6 months to great satisfaction. He is really pushing Mick to try new things he would not do on his own. And has made Mick really excited about skateboarding ! Thanks Kim highly recommend for anyone looking for lessons!
Maaike (Holland)
My son and two friends attended class with Kim sir for over 2 months now and they had a blast so far. Most important Kim was very patient and taking time to walk through things step by step and safety always comes first. Highly recommended if you are looking for somewhere to start skateboarding.
Thanks Kenneth for the safety first and sound basics approach to teaching. Really good for old noobs like me. Totally recommended.
很高興可以跟隨Kenneth 學習,從完全不敢站在滑板上面,到現在用滑板代步,祇是兩堂的時間。Kenneth 由淺入深,把複雜的動作化繁為簡,令我很容易上手,對完全不懂得滑板的我也輕易駕輕就熟
Yesterday I finally landed a proper "Ollie" over an object, and it was an incredible feeling. Starting from 29 Oct, Kenneth's been coaching me for nearly 3 months and I've learnt some fundamentals of skateboarding. Skateboarding is very challenging, and that's what makes it so intriguing... It's also an interesting culture to explore... When you need to learn this sport safely and speed up your progress, Kenneth is the type of skateboarding coach you are looking for!

Kenneth is the guy if you want to learn!

Patient and super chill!

Thanks for your lessons man.

Jonathan (France)

Kenneth is a professional teacher. The way he teaches is easy to understand and practical. Me with zero background and experience in skateboard. Just in my first class, I could balance and ride on a board. Definitely recommend for anyone who is interested in learning a skateboard.
Ranya (Thailand)
Kim Sir好有心機教,我哋一家三口由唔識玩,去到慢慢會享受踩滑板。小朋友學兩學無心機仲發脾氣,Kim Sir都好有耐性,佢唔只教佢踩滑板,仲教佢點去突破自己,挑戰自己去學一啲難嘅嘢。好多謝佢
Kenneth is super patient and helpful! He’s really good at observing and pinpointing specific moves you need to work on in order to improve your overall skateboarding
Kenneth is a very nice and patient teacher, with very clear instructions and guidelines, we learnt the basic skills quickly. I recommended you to learn from him no matter which age range you are under.

Thanks kenneth for the skate lesson

He’s a nice and patient instructor, he’s also super experienced and providing precise and straightforward instructions...



June (China)
Kenneth is extremely patient while coaching his students! He's really cool and fun to hang out with. Definitely the type of skateboarding coach that everyone, especially beginners, desire!
Rebecca (Malaysia)
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